I’m Darren Jansson (he/him), a senior frontend developer and engineer based in the UK. I’ve been working both in-house and remotely for over 19 years now, creating apps and websites for clients all over the world.

I love problem solving and learning new things, which has led to me being supremely adaptable as a developer. I enjoy variety in what I do and working with people across all disciplines.

I’ve found it very rewarding mentoring apprentices recently, and I have a passion for helping the community. I’ve attended many conferences, spoken at meetups and even organised a not for profit workshop with Harry Roberts, bringing together students and professionals for a day of learning.

Outside of work I can often be found in the gym and I’m into all the usual generic social interactions. During lockdown I renewed my love of glass blowing, something I’ve not done since I was at uni. It’s been great doing something creative and practical, plus who doesn’t want to play with molten glass.