Darren Jansson

Frontend Engineer

I’m a frontend engineer based in the UK.

With over 18 years of commercial experience I develop responsive, performant and accessible websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I’m currently a Senior Frontend Developer at Auto Trader, working mainly on our design system.

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For the past few years I have worked almost exclusively in React, with some Gatsby and Jekyll thrown in as well. I have previously worked extensively in Angular.

  • CSS and Sass
  • HTML
  • JS, ES5 and ES6+
  • Node, Webpack, Gulp
  • React, Angular, Gatsby and Svelte
  • CI and TDD

I have integrated with many different content management systems using .NET (Sitecore and Umbraco), PHP (WordPress and Craft CMS) and of course with headless, cloud based systems such as Prismic and Contentful.

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Recent work

Auto Trader

I’m currently a Senior Frontend Developer at Auto Trader. For the past two years I’ve been working mainly with our Storybook design system, porting exiting pages over to the new system and creating new pages for marketing campaigns.

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